Professional Carpet Cleaning-Different Ways to Keep your Carpet Sparkling!

Having a clean carpet goes a long way in enhancing the comfort of your home. Regular carpet cleaning is important as numerous dust particles and fluff gets deposited on carpets daily. Other common dirt includes pet hair and stains resulting from food and drink spillages. There are several do-it-yourself as well as professional carpet cleaning methods. Studies indicate that homeowners perform approximately 42% of all carpet cleaning procedures. Cleaning methods adopted mainly fall under two categories; wet and dry cleaning.

One of the leading wet cleaning methods is hot water extraction. This method can be adopted by consumers who intend to personally clean their carpets. It is also used by professional cleaning companies. A thorough vacuuming is first conducted to remove dirt particles from the carpet. A cleaning solution is then sprayed on the carpet to remove grease and oils. Pressurized hot water rinse is combined wet vacuum to fully cleanse the carpet.

Wet shampoo is also a common carpet cleaning method. It entails application of a high foaming solution on the carpet. The wet solution is the extracted from the carpet using a vacuum.

Among the dry professional carpet cleaning methods, encapsulation cleaning is at the top of the list. It is among the newest carpet cleaning techniques. It employs a chemical with both cleaning and crystallization components. Cleaning agents loosen the dirt which is then crystallized and vacuumed away.

Absorbent compound cleaning entails application of a highly absorbent substance mixed with cleaning agents and water. A special appliance is used to agitate the compound into the carpet. Dirt is absorbed by the compound and the compound is the extracted using dry vacuum.

Bonnet cleaning is also a common cleaning method. It involves spraying a cleaning solution on the surface of the carpet. The solution breaks down the dirt. A rotary machine with an absorbent pad is then passed on the carpet to absorb the dirt.

Apparently, there are numerous carpet cleaning methods. Irrespective of the method used, the key aim is to leave your carpet sparkling clean!

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