Magnetic window cleaners are the best cleaners for glass windows. This is because they are fine and they clean glass windows excellently and one does not require doing much work. Below are the 5 best magnetic window cleaners that offer the best cleaning and are affordable for everyone.

1. Glider D-2 Magnetic Window Cleaners

These types of cleaners are the most suitable for double glazed windows. They are capable of doing a double task by concurrently cleaning and drying windows during washing. They have two squeegees on both sides of the cleaner. They have powerful magnets of light weight which are resistance to earth magnets. This makes them suitable for cleaning thick windows and most preferable for scrubbing heavy dirt since they have microfiber cloth.

2. TOOGOO Window Magnetic Cleaners

TOOGOO window cleaners are made of powerful magnets that hold the cleaning sponges tight and adjacent to each other. This is the reason that they are cable of cleaning both the outside and inside of windows at a go and thus saving time. Also, they clean windows within the high floors of big buildings with ease and keeping safe lives of the people using them. They are therefore suitable for use in cleaning single pane windows.

3. Double Sided Glass Wiper Magnetic Window Cleaners

They are installed with safety cord which prevents them from falling. Also, it makes these types of cleaners suitable for cleaning windows in high buildings. They do double work at a go. In that way, they clean windows and dry them as well. It is easy and cheap to use this types of magnetic cleaners since one needs to have warm water and detergent.

4. Glider Slim Magnetic Window Cleaners

These cleaners constitute 2 microfiber polishing cloths that are adjacent to each other. This is why; they are at a position of cleaning both sides of the window simultaneously. They only clean single pane windows of between 3mm to10mm thick.

5. Single Pane Window Mates Magnetic Window Cleaner

They are similar to glider slim magnetic window cleaners. They clean both sides of a window concurrently and leave them dry. Suitable for cleaning single glass windows which are 12 mm thick.

Lastly, it is important to use magnetic cleaners on glass windows since they do not stain the glass. Again, they are durable and they protect the windows from breaking during cleaning, thus saving one from the unexpected and nonbudgeted expenses. Get one and you will appreciate the good work they deliver at home or in the office.